I remember those summer nights, the 4 train would always be down late night. We would get restless waiting for the train. Whether it was the heat or humidity, one of us would always get pissed off. The subway stations were miserable in the summertime. So instead of waiting around for the train that never seemed to come, we’d walk to the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, post up, talk shit, drink 40’s and reminisce. We would talk about how crazy it was that we were both in the city, chasing our dreams. We’d sit there for hours. Sometimes we’d talk for hours. Other times, we’d just take in the sounds of the city and just be. We’d pour some out for all the homies. I remember you’d always poured out more than I did, haha. And I’d always call you out on it. You always had some excuse why. Low key, we both knew it was because you couldn’t hang. I guess you never were a great drinker, haha.

-Justin Ryan Kim, The Number 4